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Everything went downhill after I turned 40, particularly my sex-drive. I didn't want to take prescription meds to get and keep an erection, so I researched online to find alternatives. The one I kept reading positive reports about was Jamaican Stone, so I placed my order. Just after I started using Jamaican Stone, the burning sensation making me getting aroused and staying aroused. Results like this are exactly what I wanted, in a safe, natural, non-prescription way


After my wife left me I needed to get back in the game. Her leaving ripped me apart and my self-confidence took quite a beating. New clothes and a new town were helping but I needed something more. I read about Jamaican Stone while looking for aphrodisiacs and I decided to try it. So far so good! I've been using Jamaican Stone for four months now and my confidence is soaring. Thanks Jamaican Stone!

Petrolina, Brazil

Getting old is horrible. I don't like that my hair is falling out. I don't like that I can't shift the extra pounds that keep increasing in weight each year. I definitely don't like losing the ability to satisfy my wife sexually, and I don't like that there are so many more things to dislike! When arousal and lasting power started to become difficult for me, I did a little research online and found Jamaican Stone. The surest bet from what I read, Jamaican Stone is working for me so far and taking the edge off the discomfort of aging.

New Delhi, India

Jamaican Stone really make me last a lot longer in bed. Honestly I have never come across anything that works so perfectly before. My gal and I have so much fun and really enjoy our sex.


I must say i am lucky to come across your Jamaican Stone online shop. It is so difference from other premature ejaculation products. It not only makes me last longer, it makes me harder and feels Bigger. Loving the burning sensation feeling.


Jamaican Stone made me feel harder and last longer in bed. When I stand in front of the mirror looking at my little johnny, he's not quite so little now, and I don't feel quite so afraid. Women are scary, they expect so much from you and I could never make them cum. Now with Jamaican Stone I've discovered the longer you last, the more likely you are to satisfy your woman. I thank Jamaican Stone for the fact that I've had the longest-running girlfriend of my whole life in the last six months. Keep up the great work, and please send me a fresh batch!

London, UK

I heard about Jamaican Stone many years ago, and now that I've tried them I'm upset I didn't try them years ago. Back then you couldn't move on the Internet without seeing ads for a harder erection. I didn't believe a word of it! Jamaican Stone though, they stuck around, I kept seeing their name year in and year out at sites I'd visit, and so when I finally decided to give it a try and see for myself, I went with Jamaican Stone. I'm glad I did, the results actually do make a difference!

Miami, Florida

It Definitely Works
This product definitely de-sensitizes you. I have used Jamaican Stone and it has helped me to last longer. However, ensure that you thoroughly wash off the product before intimacy. Otherwise, your partner will also experience the burning sensation.

Paris, France

To feel power is to feel alive! Before Jamaican Stone I had never felt a truly powerful erection that put my partner down on their knees! With Jamaican Stone I can reach new heights of sexual ecstasy I'd never even imagined before! My erections are harder and last longer which gives me and my partner the chance to enjoy alternative types of fun we never could before. I'm loving the changes I feel in my sex life, and that extra confidence boost goes a long way too. Thanks for the extra pleasure Jamaican Stone!

New York, NY

I received my “Jamaican Stone order this week. Thank you very much. Trust me, I will be ordering again!!!!! My wife was more than surprised with the results and for me; I felt 18 years old again. Thank you so much. You will be hearing from me again :)


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Jamaican Stone

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Jamaican Stone

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