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March 23, 2018 

For most people, oral sex is amazing enough without even working on improving it, but for those of us out there who are always striving to make a good thing even better, I bring you tips on how to make oral even better than it already is….


Find A Comfortable Position– If your partner is awkward somehow, it will make it harder for her to cum. Since you want to maximize her experience, make sure she is in an agreeable position, that she isn’t chilly or hesitant. It’s additionally important that you are agreeable, since you may be down there for some time.


Ask Her What She Likes – Try not to be hesitant to get some heading from her when you’re down there. Speed, pressure, movements she loves, parts that she needs you to touch or stay away from are terrifically vital things to know. The more intel you get on what she loves, the better her experience will be.

Keep Your Jaw Loose And Give Your Tongue A Break– On the off chance that you truly begin to get worn out, take a stab at changing the incitement you’re doing. Possibly change from utilizing your tongue to giving her delicate, wet kisses and wrapping your lips around her clit. On the off chance that you truly require a break, you can change immediately to utilizing your fingers, despite the fact that she will have the capacity to differentiate! Remember, if she’s close to Cumming, don’t switch anything up or you hazard her losing her climax.


Try Fingering Her At The Same Time – You usually just need to have a go at utilizing only one finger while you’re going down on her. This extra incitement regularly feels extremely unimaginable combined with the impressions of your tongue on her clitoris.

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